Tourism Leakage

Northern Chile and the Atacama Desert

Have you heard the term ‘tourism leakage’ before? Rebecca Thomas explores the different types of tourism leakage and offers practical suggestions on how it can be reduced. Learn how you can keep more of your spending money within the destinations you visit.

Community-based tourism

Mu Tae with her daughter in Huay Pu Keng

Community-based tourism, also known as CBT, has the power to transform communities and destinations around the world. This village in Northern Thailand has benefited from Fair Tourism Foundation’s CBT program in many ways. Learn more about CBT and how these initiatives have positively impacted the local community in Huay Pu Keng.

9 Ways to shop consciously whilst travelling


Finding ways to shop more responsibly while travelling can feel daunting. Here are nine of the best shopping tips to help you become a more conscious traveller during your next adventure.

Sustainable Travel Clothing

Redwood forest in Warburton, Victoria

Making a positive contribution to the world whilst travelling is as simple as making the switch from fast fashion to sustainable clothing. Here are five fantastic reasons to consider sustainable clothing that has been designed for travel…

The future of travel

The World Peace Pagoda in Pohkara, Nepal

The tourism industry has been changing rapidly over the past decade in response to social, economic and environmental responsibility. These changes are definitely long overdue and they are exciting to watch as they are unfolding across the globe.

Become a conscious traveller

Sunrise over Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica

A shift towards mindfulness is beginning to grow within the travel community. Learn more about becoming a conscious traveller and some of the ways you could support the local communities you might encounter on your next adventure.