Sustainable travel clothing​ vs fast fashion

Five fantastic reasons to consider sustainable clothing that has been designed for travel… 


Fast fashion vs sustainable clothing

Making a positive contribution to the world whilst travelling is as simple as making the switch from fast fashion to sustainable clothing.

Why is this so important? The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. In Australia alone, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill every year.

When packing for your next travel adventure, it may be tempting to buy clothes that cost less (often because they are mass produced), but in the long term you can end up paying more when these items need to be replaced more frequently. This comes at a great expense to the precious planet we call home.

We recommend shopping smarter by learning more about the fashion industry and discovering sustainable fashion brands that are designed for travel.

Five reasons to choose sustainable clothing over fast fashion

1. Fast fashion usually involves petroleum-based materials and fossil fuels to make the traditional polyester, acrylic and nylon clothing that can be found in most low-cost fashion shops.

2. One of the most popular clothing materials around the world is cotton. Cotton is usually grown in hot, dry areas where access to water is already scarce. The process of producing cotton relies heavily on pesticides, insecticides and water. It can take up to 2,700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt. In some many countries, this is more than some people drink in an entire year! This is an outrageous and unnecessary amount of water to produce clothing that is often only worn a handful of times.

3. The chemicals used to dye fabric are extremely potent and have been linked to a higher risk of allergic reactions. These chemicals often enter the water supply, affecting the health of those in the supply chain.

4. Sustainable clothing is often made with recyclable materials that produce higher quality items. This clothing is designed to fit more comfortably, it is breathable and made to last, meaning that these items need to be replaced less frequently.

5. Most sustainable garments can be cleaned on a cold wash cycle and they don’t require chemicals, determents or tumble drying. This is definitely an added bonus when travelling and when access to modern luxuries simply aren’t an option (nor are they encouraged).

Three recommended sustainable travel clothing brands

There are a number of sustainable clothing brands on the market that are perfect for travel. Three of our personal favourites are Vege Threads, Team Timbuktu and Icebreaker.

Learn more about all three brands and the positive impact they are making on the environment with their range of apparel.

Article written for Wanderlust with a Purpose by Lucy Barrett.