So, what is conscious tourism anyway?

Conscious tourism starts with you… 

Think first – Think bigger – Think beyond today.


What is conscious tourism?

An authentic motivation to contribute towards the betterment of society and the environment are at the core of conscious tourism.

Similar to responsible travel and sustainable tourism, conscious tourism is about stopping to think first, then making smarter choices when you travel.

Mindful decision making whilst travelling is challenging, however, the outcome is always more rewarding. Knowing that you are actively choosing to make a positive difference to someone else’s life, to the conservation of a destination or to support a local business instead of an international investor easily outweigh the instant gratification of booking a room through a global hotel chain or buying a cheap t-shirt because it was convenient.

Simple changes such as booking sustainable accommodation venues, buying locally made merchandise and indulging in local flavours are just the beginning. There are many other ways to travel more responsibly.

Become a conscious traveller and learn more about the positive contribution you can make when you travel mindfully.

Celebrations at Dashain Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal
Celebrating with the locals at Dashain Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal

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At Wanderlust with a Purpose, we aim to inspire millions of people to see more of the incredible planet we all share, responsibly.

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